Wistrand continuously works with development of our procedure, in order to improve the technical result and to minimize influence on the environment.

A boiler with fewer operating hours since the last performed chemical cleaning, are normally easier to clean than one with twenty years of operation. It requires fewer steps in the treatment and the cleaning becomes less complicated and can often be performed with less consumption of chemicals. Which also means a smaller load on the external environment, as well as a shorter time time required for the cleaning.

Wistrand works according to an environmental and safety policy. When you contract Wistrand, you will always be sure that we will put safety and environment first.


If the chemical cleaning can’t be included of the normal “environmental conditions/terms” a special specification regarding the waste disposal must be made.

This specification should be given to the regulatory authority of the plant, which gives it to other relevant authorities and grants permission.

The specification describes the cleaning process, treatment of the waste chemicals and gives the benchmarks to be achieved on the water phase and the sludge phase. It also specifies where water and waste will be discharged and/or deposited.

Each specification is unique, since the conditions vary from place to place and the requirements on both cleaning results and waste disposal continuously becomes more strict.


The management and each employee shall focus on and perform their work in the safest possible way with respect to the staff involved in each project. The aim of the environmental policy is to perform optimally in each project and constantly develop the manner in which the projects are carried out. We take the greatest consideration of environmental influences and work in accordance with existing laws and regulations.


Our quality management system is certified according to SS-EN ISO 9001:2015. This means that we have an effective and structured quality work where internal and external requirements from customers, key interested parties, laws and the organisation is handled in a safe way. Wistrand stands for the development of the engineering method used for chemical cleaning. This creates a project with components that all are steps in our quality process.

We are working to improve and make our business more efficient with respect of quality, economy and environment. Based on our customers need and interests, we look over our internal work procedures to improve the business process and increase the customer satisfaction.


Wistrand and each employee shall work to perform chemical cleaning for the client in a fast, safe and cost effective way, with the greatest possible consideration of the internal and external environment. Wistrand meets customer expectations through continuous development of quality work.