When you contact Wistrand to discuss your project, you will speak directly with one of our engineers. Normally we will need basic data such as water volumes of components, flowsheets, drawings, estimated time for the cleaning. For an operational chemical cleaning, we will also need a sample of the deposit to be removed. Then we will go through the data of your boiler and perform a laboratory examination of the deposit. In order to execute the chemical cleaning we will prepare a detailed chemical cleaning program. The chemical cleaning program includes selection of chemicals, concentration, temperature and time.

Before the chemical cleaning can be carried out, the relevant authorities have been informed, and we provide you with the required waste specification. The specification describes the cleaning procedure, the handling of the waste chemicals and the benchmarks to be achieved on the water phase and the sludge phase. Increased environmental awareness and harder regulatory requirements makes the impact on the environment a more important issue when it comes to select the chemical treatment method.

When performing the cleaning the engineered chemical cleaning program will be followed. Wistrand generally perform chemical cleaning according to the standard VGB-S-513-00-2017-07-EN “Internal Cleaning of Water-Tube Steam Generating Plants and Associated Pipework”, modified according to local conditions. It is always our objective to minimize the time for the chemical cleaning and optimize the cleaning result. We are convinced that you will be satisfied with your choice to use Wistrand as your chemical cleaning contractor.


Wistrand’s goal is based on the fact that the time for chemical cleaning should be as short as possible and that an optimal cleaning result is always achieved.